Tapping Machine


* CF-Series

Sloped Back Type
Hi-Speed Auto Thread-Tapping Machine
1.This machine is designed using the freefall inertia principle and
   materials inclined closely to one side which will be processed
2.This m/c is suitable for the thread tapping process using materials
   that are super thin , polygon, irregular, taper profile, etc.
3.Pneumatic auto-feeding, clamping, and processed releasing are
   properties of the multifunctional automated thread
   tapping sharpener.
4.Adaptability of comprehensive profile material and easy
   replacement of tap enhance the multifunction of the machine.
5.While processing material is rotating, tap and guide tube are
   stationary ;there will be no waste of processing material, no
   eccentric and precise threading.
6.The spindle can process materials without stopping which
   can increase work speed.
7.For convenient operation, this m/c is installed with counters,
   failure-indicating lights, etc.
8.The tapping machine can be used on both iron-based and
   non-iron-based materials, such as stainless steel, copper,
   aluminum, etc.

We reserve the right to change the designs and specifications with out notice

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